Civil Engineers cater for the national needs of buildings, highways, dams, bridges, irrigation network and water supply systems, and are the world's largest users of building materials. Department of Civil Engineering has been established to disseminate civil engineering education. Plans are also underway to establish the Advanced Centers of Research in this field.


β€œTo be a quality institute committed to excellence for producing professional graduates and potential leaders to serve the humanity and contribute to socioeconomic development through their knowledge and skills.


"To produce responsible civil engineers with adequate knowledge, skills and ethical values who evolve themselves as future professional leaders.”


Engr. Tariq Ali
Head of Department, Civil Engineering

The educational objectives of the Department of Civil Engineering are to develop professional skills in students and prepare them for immediate employment in the field of Civil Engineering. The Department aims to develop abilities in the students for the application of the necessary mathematical tools,scienctific basics and fundamental knowledge of Civil Engineering. My Team including faculty and lab staff are doing their best to achieve the fore mentioned objectives of the program. I pray for their ultimate success in this mission.

1 : Engineering Mechanics Lab

2 : Surveying Lab

3 : Strength of Materials Lab

4 : Computing/CAD Lab

5 : Fluid Mechanics Lab

6 : Concrete Lab

7 : Drawing Hall

8 : Transportation Lab

9 : Environmental Lab

10 : Soil Mechanics Lab

11 : Hydraulics Lab

PEO-1 : To be successful Civil Engineers and serve the community competently by the application of professional knowledge and skills.

PEO-2 : To be professionals fulfilling the academic and industrial requirements by applying modern tools, using communication skills and effective management as an individual and a team member.

PEO-3 : To understand needs of the society, follow ethical practices in an engineering environment and seek continuous technological developments.

PLO-1 : Engineering Knowledge

PLO-2 : Problem Analysis

PLO-3 : Design/Development of Solution

PLO-4 : Investigation

PLO-5 : Modern Tool Using

PLO-6 : Engineer and Society

PLO-7 : Environment and Sustainability

PLO-8 : Ethics

PLO-9 : Individual and Team Work

PLO-10 : Communication

PLO-11 : Project Management

PLO-12 : Lifelong Learning


Sr.No Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 CE-101 Engineering Drawing 1+2
2 NS-102 Engineering Mechanics 2+1
3 ES-103 Engineering Geology 2+0
4 CE-104 Surveying-I 2+1
5 MA-105 Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3+0
6 HU-112 Islamic Studies 2+0
Sr.No Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 CE-201 Fluid Mechanics-I 2+1
2 CE-202 Properties of Concrete 2+1
3 CE-203 Engineering Practice 2+0
4 MA-204 Numerical Analysis and Computer Programming 3+1
5 NS-214 Introduction to GIS and RS 2+0
6 MS-212 Hazards and Disaster Management 3+0
Sr.No Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 CE-301 Theory of Structures-II 3+1
2 CE-302 Strength of Materials-II 3+1
3 CE-303 Soil Mechanics-II 3+1
4 MS-304 Construction Planning & Management 2+1
5 CE-305 Hydrology and Water Resources 2+1
Sr.No Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 CE-401 Environmental Engineering-II 2+1
2 CE-402 Reinforced Concrete-II 3+1
3 CE-403 Hydraulics Engineering 2+1
4 CE-404 Transportation Engineering-II 2+1
5 CE-405 Foundation Engineering 2+1
6 CE-406(A) Project 0+3
Sr.No Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 CE-106 Surveying-II 2+2
2 CE-107 Engineering Materials 2+1
3 HU-108 Professional Ethics 2+0
4 MA-109 Differential Equations 3+0
5 HU-110 Pakistan Studies 2+0
6 HU-111 Professional English 2+0
Sr.No Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 CE-206 Theory of Structures-I 3+0
2 CE-207 Strength of Materials-I 3+1
3 CE-208 Soil Mechanics-I 2+1
4 CE-209 Drawing, Estimation & Construction 2+1
5 MA-213 Probability and Statistics 3+0
6 HU-211 Communication Skills & Technical Report Writing 3+0
Sr.No Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 CE-306 Environmental Engineering-I 2+0
2 CE-307 Reinforced Concrete-I 3+0
3 CE-308 Design of Steel Structures 3+0
4 CE-309 Fluid Mechanics-II 2+1
5 CE-310 Transportation Engineering-I 2+1
6 CE-311 Computer Applications 2+1
Sr.No Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 CE-407 Structural Engineering 3+0
2 CE-408 Irrigation Engineering 2+0
3 CE-409 Analysis and Design of Structures 2+2
4 MS-411 Entrepreneurship and Leadership 2+0
5 CE-406(B) Project 0+3