1. Definitions

  • Academic Year Means a year normally consisting of two regular (i.e. Fall and Spring) semesters of 18-20 weeks duration each and one optional (i.e. Summer) semester of 9-10 weeks duration inclusive of examinations, internships or any other academic activity.
  • CandidateMeans a student who intends to appear in an Examination.
  • Casual StudentMeans a student who is not on the rolls of the College after passing out his session but is otherwise eligible to take the courses and to appear in the examination
  • Credit HourMeans 1 hour of theory lecture or 3 hours of practical work per week for the semester.
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)Means the credit-hour weighted average of the Grade Points earned for all the courses in all the semesters attended. The cumulative GPA (CGPA) shall be calculated similarly (as that for SGPA) for all the courses taken in all the semesters of the degree program.
  • GradeMeans the letter grade earned by a student in a course depending on his performance in that course.
  • Grade PointsMeans the points (numerical value) associated with each letter grade.
  • Semestermeans a declared duration covering 18-20 weeks of teaching in case of regular semester and 9-10 weeks of teaching in case of optional semester including examinations.
  • Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA)Means the credit-hour weighted average of the Grade Points earned for all the courses in a semester. The semester grade point average (SGPA) shall be calculated by multiplying the grade points earned in a course with the number of credit hours of that course, taking the sum of such products for each course taken in that semester and finally dividing the result by the total number of credit hours registered in that semester.

2. Semester Registration

  • The registration of the students for each semester other than the first semester shall be made by the concerned Academic Department of the College. The registration for the first semester shall be made by the Registrar of the College.
  • If a student fails to get himself registered for a regular semester within the prescribed time, his name shall be deemed to have been struck off the College Rolls and he shall not be allowed to appear in any examination.

3. Attendance Requirements

No candidate shall be admitted to an End-Semester Examination unless the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • He has attended a minimum of 75% of the total number of lectures delivered, the laboratory periods held, design and practical work done in a course during the Semester for which the examination is held.
  • If a student does not fulfill the condition of attendance, he shall be awarded an F-grade in that course and will have to re-register for that course in the summer semester in which the course is offered.

4. Conduct Of Examination

Grading Mechanism
  • Preferably based on relative performance
  • Course teacher’s decision shall be considered final.
  • Latter Grade Grade Points
    A 4.00
    A- 3.70
    B+ 3.30
    B 3.00
    B- 2.70
    C+ 2.30
    C 2.00
    C- 1.70
    D 1.00
    F 0.00

5. Weightage of Evaluation Components

Evaluation ComponentWeightage
Quizzes/Home Assignments/Projects/Presentations25%
Mid Semester Examination25%
End-Semester Examination50%
Evaluation ComponentWeightage
Lab Assignment, Lab Performance, Lab Report, Lab Project, Presentation,Mid Semester Examination50%
End-Semester Viva & Prectical50%

6. Evaluation Components

  • Sessional Awards
  • Quizzes
  • Mid Semester Examination
  • Home Assignments / Mini Projects
  • Laboratory Reports
  • End-Semester Examination

7. Academic Deficiencies

A student, who obtains one or more of the following in a semester result, shall be considered academically deficient:

  • One or more “F” grades in a semester.
  • One or more “I” grades in a semester
  • SGPA less than 1.00 at the end of 1” semester
  • CGPA less than 2.00

8. Academic Dismissal

  • A student who fails to obtain a minimum GPA of 1.0 at the end of 1' semester of a degree program shall be placed on academic probation for the 2nd semester. In case, he fails to improve his CGPA to 1.0 at the end of academic year including his name shall be removed from the rolls of the College.
  • Students dismissed on academic grounds shall, however, be furnished with an official transcript indicating the course completed along with grades earned in registered courses.

9. Repeating Courses / Improving Grades

  • If a student obtains 'F' Grade in any course, he shall have to repeat that or an equivalent course.
  • Whenever a student obtains a grade lower than 'C”, he can repeat that course to improve his grade. A student shall be allowed to repeat a maximum of six courses (18 credit hours) to improve the grades during the entire degree program.
  • While the academically deficient casual student shall be allowed to repeat/ improve the courses either during summer semester or whenever the teaching and examination schedule makes it possible for him.
  • As soon as a student repeats a course, his previous grade for that course whether low or high shall be cancelled, and only the latest grade earned by the student shall be considered for the computation of CGPA. It shall be noted that a student can only improve a grade lower than “C”.
  • In case a student repeats the course which has already been taken, the old grade will be substituted with the new grade, (for CGPA calculation) but in case a student takes a new course in lieu of the course in which he failed, both the grades will reflect on his transcript, i.e. old course grade and new course grade.

10. Awards

  • Semester Grade Sheet A grade sheet shall be issued to each student after the declaration of semester result on the payment of prescribed fee. This sheet shall indicate the grades and GPA earned by the student in a semester.
  • Transcript of Awards A Transcript of Awards shall be issued to each student after completion of the degree program on the payment of prescribed fee.
  • Provisional Certificate A candidate who fulfills all the requirements for the degree shall be issued a provisional certificate.