The Examination branch at SCET is an integral part of College administration. SCET Examination branch is responsible for all matters concerning the conduct of examinations, marking, compilation and declaration of results and maintaining the record thereof. Headed by the Controller of Examinations, the examination branch provides timely & secure services related to its domain. It believes in integrity, secrecy and quality services as its core values. The integrity of the examination process depends on everyone respecting the established rules and accepting their responsibilities in a consistent manner. Accordingly, various policies & procedures have been developed as per our requirements & available resources to establish a fair, appropriate and transparent examination system, free from corruption & malpractices, in line with the best practices.


To provide excellence in academic credentials and examination related services.


To meet the requirements of UET, HEC and PEC up to the level of satisfaction with accuracy, transparency and confidentiality within desired time.


  • To implement reliable and credible examination system
  • To establish error free examination system
  • To maintain high level quality standards
  • To make the announcements of results automated and Create user friendly environment