Welcome to the Library of Swedish College of Engineering and Technology (SCET) Wah Cantt. The SCET Library’s services and collection support the educational needs of the students, faculty and staff at SCET Wah Cantt. The library has a meaningful and diverse collection of electronic resources and physical books of Basic Sciences, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. At present, the Institution has approximately 9000 books on various areas to enhance students’ knowledge. Further, 10 research journals and magazines are prescribed. The SCET library has subscribed different newspaper like, The Jang, The News, Express Newspaper, Nawaiwaqt, and Dunya newspaper.  The SCET library has been shaped as a centre of excellence for academic and research pursuits by keeping itself open to the changes brought in by information and communication technologies.

Library Vision

As a centre of knowledge, the SCET Library shares with the institutions the aspiration to achieve the most dynamic learning environment in the world. To fulfil this mission, the library commits.

  • Developing and maintaining collections in support of the academic pursuits of the Institution.
  • To locate, evaluate and use information available in a variety of innovative and traditional formats.
  • Through promotion, the library makes people aware of the resources available to them, and through innovation, it makes access to these resources easier.
  • To serve future users, the library preserves information across all formats and ensures effective storage and delivery systems.

Library Mission

SCET is committed to excellence and innovation in undergraduate teaching, services, research and other scholarly activities. The Library supports this commitment by,

  • Selecting, acquiring, organizing, preserving and providing access to library materials and resources.
  • Understand the research, build the collections and create the tools to support research, teaching, and learning.
  • Provide access and promote the discovery and use of local and external information resources.
  • Ensure the preservation and long-lasting availability of Library collections and resources.


  • Using available resources effectively to acheive goals of the all departments.
  • Helping students to curriculum and research activites.
  • Using Koha automated library software and (DDC)system to faciqlitate the faculty & Students .
  • Internet services to the students and faculty members.
  • Encourage the professional and ethical bahavior of our staff .
  • Neat & Clean atmosphere.

SCET library is a big place, filled with thousands of books. While the  library staff  is always there to assist library users, but you might want to find a book on your own by browsing the shelves or checking the catalogue, which is usually in a computer on a table, easy to access and use with the following services

Circulation Services: The Circulation desk is responsible for all transactions regarding borrowing and returning of books, placing materials on reserve, recalling borrowed materials, assessing fines, etc. Borrowers are responsible for materials charged from the library until such materials are returned. 

Reference Service: User may contact to the Reference Desk for assistance during the working hours. Following are the main objectives of Reference Service; Assistance or instruction to use the Library Assistance to identify the library material Providing brief factual answers to the Reference Questions

Audio Visual Service: This Service includes Video/Audio Cassettes/ CDS and other digital materials. Processing of books / reading material Books go-through the following three steps before displaying on the shelf. Acquire  The SCET Library acquire book and other reading material on recommendation of teachers and students. For this purpose, a book requisition form is available to request for new purchase of book. After recommendation, this form is forwarded to the authority for approval. After approval, the order is placed to the appropriate book dealer.  Accessioning: After purchasing of the book, it forwarded to the accessioning section where a unique ID allotted to this newly acquired item and forwarded to the Technical section. Accessing of books depends upon number of items acquired. Approximate time for a single item/book is 20mints. Technical Section: Accessing Section forwards the items / books to the technical section where new items/ books are classified and entered in Library database. In this process, Call numbers, and unique barcodes are generated and pasted on the book. Each book takes 35 mints to complete the process in Technical Section. After completion books are placed on shelves for use

The main purpose of the Online Public Access Catalogue is to give quick access to its readers to know about library collection and what the library has. This service is provided within the library premises.

Title search: If you know the book’s title, you can search for it. In a paper card catalogue, you will search alphabetically. In general, though, ignore “a” or “the” if it is the first word. Computerized catalogues vary, but you will usually select a title search and type in full title of the book or at least the first few words of the title

An author search: If you know the author of the book, or if you are interested in other works by a favourite author, you can search for that. Authors are usually listed by their last names

Keywords search: Most electronic catalogue will let you search on a keyword or words. For example, searching on the keyword “Civil Engineering” would find any book with that word in the title and it will be display on computer screen.

Book suggestions: SCET Library provides services to its registered students and faculties, staff and alumni. Books are main source of reading in the Library. If a user is interested in a book not available in the Library, he may fill the suggestion form and submit it to the Acquisition Section to acquire this book within specified period.

Library Notice Board: To read notice board on regular basis is a good habit. It is a direct communication link. Library users are advised to visit the library site and read notice board to avoid loss of opportunities provided by the SCET Library.

The purpose of a current-awareness service is to inform the users about new acquisitions in the library. For this purpose, Library used display boards and shelves to draw attention to recent additions

Photocopy Corner: To save time and energy of readers Photocopy Corner has been established near the library.

Digital Library: The SCET library is actively utilizing the digital resource given by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan and other digital resources.



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