These rules shall be called the "Swedish College of Engineering and Technology (SCET), Wah Cantt.Student General Discipline(SGD) Rules.

These rules are in effect in 2008.

Unless otherwise explained in the context or explicitly expressed, the following terms shall means as defined in each case:

  • 1 : Academics Department means an academic department of the college.
  • 2 : Committee means the student discipline committee of the college constituted by these rules .
  • 3 : Country means Pakistan.
  • 4 : Examination Hall means a place declared as examination hall or as such
  • 5 : Student means a bona fide student of the college in accordance with the respective rules.
  • 6 : College means the Swedish College of Engineering & Technology, Wah Cantt.
  • 7 : Principal and other offices/authorities mean the principal and other officers/authorities of the college.

NOTE : The general pronoun HE and its derivatives shall mean either of the sex, unless otherwise explicitly expressed.


Every Student must observe the following code of honour.

  • 1 : HE must be faithful in his religious duties and respect the conviction of the others in matters of religion and custom.
  • 2 : HE must be loyal to his country and refrain from doing things, which might lower its honor and prestige.
  • 3 : HE must be truthful and honest in his dealings with all people.
  • 4 : HE must respect the elders and be polite to all especially to women, children, old people, the weak and helpless.
  • 5 : HE must respect his teachers and other authorities in the college.
  • 6 : HE must keep clean in body and mind, standing for clean speech, clean sport and clean habits.
  • 7 : HE must help his fellow beings especially those in distress .
  • 8 : HE must devote himself faithfully to his studies.
  • 9 : HE must observe thrift and protect property.


  • The students shall wear dress that insures modesty, sobriety and dignity. The dress must neither be offensive to social norms and ethical values of the society nor injurious to feminine grace and gentleness.