Placement Bureau

The Placement Bureau implies placing of graduates of SCET by the help of a team dedicated by the institute. It has been established in SCET to help graduates & students finding job & scholarship within Pakistan as well as abroad respectively. It also extends advice and cooperation to the students for their career progression. It treat the students with respect regardless of gender, caste, creed, family, status, religion or any other factor. All the students/ Graduates are welcome at placement bureau for any advice on job seeking difficulties. The placement Bureau makes all effort for advertising the job and scholarship at SCET website, within college premises and alumni portal.


To see all SCET students engage in career exploration in a manner that enhance their student life experience, helps them to see the relevance of their education & their career development, enables them to achieve their career goals and make a positive contribution to society.


The mission of Placement Bureau is to train, tune, trim, equip, facilitate and develop human resource skills at our students so to provide lucrative placement opportunities


Prime objective of Placement Bureau of SCET is to assist graduate students and its Alumni in identifying their future plan and guide them towards achieving their objectives. All students, weather existing or prospective can expect to receive fair and equal services. The main objectives of Placement Bureau include:

  • To facilitate graduating students and alumni in developing their academic career interest in line with their short and long term goals.
  • To facilitate graduating students and alumni in making appropriate and realistic career choices and career decisions.
  • To assist students in range of career profiles.
  • To help graduating students and alumni and arrange capacity building sessions for their professional developmental workshops.
  • To organize various activities such as seminars, workshops, guest lectures for SCETgraduating students.
  • To effectively improve students in behavior and skills necessary to seek and qualify for job.
  • Providing career counseling to students for career selection
  • To guide students for further higher education in Pakistan or abroad in their study area.
  • To act as medium of communication amongst students, Industries and professional bodies to promote career opportunities for SCET students.