Limited hostel accommodation is available at campus for students. The rooms in the hostels are allotted on the basis of academic merit. However, a casual student or a student involved in any act of misconduct, indiscipline, violation of rules or involvement in any political and objectionable activities, shall be ineligible for hostel accommodation. If the attendance of a student is short, his allotment shall be cancelled. He may apply for fresh allotment after the next semester if his attendance is up to the mark at that time.


  • Limited number of seats on the basis of “sharing room” and “first come first serve” basis.
  • Hostels are located in the close proximity of the Campus.
  • Hostel accommodation charges are Rs.12,500/- (Non-refundable) per month including mess .
  • Hostel Security Rs.10,000/- (Refundable).
  • Highly secured and caring environment managed by designated faculty members as Hostel Wardens.
  • Interested student may apply for Hostel Accommodation at the time of admission.
  • Hostel Fee deposit at SCET Account office located in campus.
  • For further details, contact the Warden Hostels or Admissions Office.


HEAD WARDEN : Mr. Arslan Ahmad

Phone : 0307-5889060

Phone : 051-4926152